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Project Manager

Denver, CO, USA

Job Type

In-House Project Management





Training/Certification Provided



Essential Functions

  • The project manager directs, coordinates or budgets activities concerned with the construction of cellular towers and/or upgrades. Participates in the conceptual development of a construction project and oversee its organization, scheduling and implementation. Budget management is a must

  • Values safety over and above all other considerations

  • Work with superintendents, foremen and Construction Managers to plan, organize and direct activities concerned with all construction projects

  • Establish project objectives, procedures and performance standards within boundaries of company policy and contract specifications

  • Confer with supervisors, foremen and Construction Managers to discuss such matters as work procedures, complaints and construction problems

  • Initiate and maintain liaison with owners and other contacts to facilitate project activities

  • Monitor and control project through administrative direction of on-site foremen to ensure project is completed on schedule and within budget

  • Investigate potentially serious situations and implement corrective measures

  • Represent company in project meetings and attend strategy meetings

  • Work with Program Manager/VPGM to manage financial aspects of contracts to protect company’s interest and simultaneously maintain good relationship with the customer

  • May requisition supplies, materials and sub-contractors to complete project

  • Interpret and explain plans and contract terms to administrative staff, workers, etc.

  • Formulate reports concerning such areas as work progress, costs and scheduling

  • Assign workers to construction sites to work on specified projects

  • Other duties as assigned

Personal Attributes

Ability to work with heavy items up to 75 pounds

Work Environment

  • Must be in good physical condition with the ability to stoop, crawl, bend at the knees and waist, squat and lift 20 pounds; includes body weight, equipment, tools and boxes regularly

  • Must be willing to travel out of market/state, for up to several weeks at a time (50-70%)

  • Must pass pre-employment screening that includes background and drug testing and participate in random testing program

  • May be required to work long and unpredictable hours

  • Position requires working indoors and outdoors in all types of weather

  • Must possess valid driver’s license and are required to drive company vehicles

Supervisory Responsibility

This position will directly supervise the Construction Manager or crews if Construction Manager is not present

Required Knowledge

  • Proven working experience in tower construction management

  • Advanced knowledge of construction management processes, means and methods and the ability to manage and work within a budget

  • Expert knowledge of building products, construction details and relevant rules, regulations and quality standards

  • Understanding of all facets of the tower construction process

  • Familiarity with construction management software package

  • Ability to plan and see the Big Picture

  • Competent in conflict and crisis management

  • Leadership and human resources management skills

  • Excellent time and project management skill/experience

Job Related Certification