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View of the freeway outside of downtown Denver -Image by Taylor Pasquariello



Server room with view of worker with helmet- Mountain Wireless an Ontivity Company

On the road to a smart future.

The future of transportation is smart. Smart transportation translates to smart cities that ensure efficient movement of people and goods. As cities get smarter they are driven by data-heavy, data-intensive systems. Rather than the human operated traffic and transportation systems, we need to have real time information on a large scale that has uniform quality of transmission. The ability to make safe computational decisions, combined with the ability to transmit that information instantly, is a nonnegotiable for a safe system.


Virtually every auto company on the globe is exploring smart cars and smart traffic knowing a successful system will be a unified system: to operate as a failsafe the network has to be a ubiquitous, publicly controlled, protected, generally purposed network. The reality is that it's good to know where one car is but in this type of system you need to know where all the cars are. That requires collaboration and technology at different level than there has been up to this point. The foundation of this smart future is a resilient, redundant, dedicated network with constant touch points and feedback systems.

Intersecting freeways - Flyover Bridges
DIA Case Study

Case Study:

Denver International Airport

Airplane Wing



What is the top factor in transportation projects that make them different for your team?

Timing. In transportation a network needs to instantaneously track thousands of individual entities - cars, planes, or otherwise, and connect them to each other. Attention to parallel lines of communication and the organization of them is paramount. 


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