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Moving towards need.

Emergency services rely on a well-established emergency network. Thankfully, the channels for emergency response have been carefully thought through and are always being advanced. First Net, the government LTE network, remains singularly dedicated to emergency responders. Separate radios, spectrum and other devices are all dedicated to that primary emergency response network. Second net is designed for every other network, but priority is reserved within it for first responders and emergencies. Said another way: all network roads can be directed to emergency response.


Networks have to be built to critical life-safety standards so the information can be relayed where it needs to be, securely. These wireless networks require continuous reliability so that nothing is lost track of halfway through. Especially in a landscape that can change every second depending on speed and intensity, communication throughout an emergency is critical to staying ahead of disaster. Whether through portable towers, repairing and fueling of damaged sites, or system solutions tailored to extraordinary natural disasters, Mountain Wireless works to keep every team and family connected.

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Boulder Fires Case Study

Case Study:

Boulder Fires

Image by Andrew Seaman



What is the top factor in emergency services that make them different for your team?

Focus. Emergency situations have more instability, creating a predictable unpredictability. Focus on the unilateral goal of saving lives and property provides a plumb line for the best possible outcome.


Our Team is the foundation for every step of excellence we achieve.


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