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On Site Technicians


On Site Technicians are our field experts in wireless system deployment.

Get to know the roles, meet & connect with the Technicians on our team, and see if this is where you find yourself at Mountain Wireless.


What is an On Site Technician?


Our on-site technicians are our experts in the field. They are responsible for the constant assessment,  adaptation, problem solving, and solution implementation required for the successful installation of every project.

Installation Technician

Mike Hefner

Vice President
DAS Construction & Development

Position: Installation Tech

  • Must value safety over and above all other considerations

  • Construction and repair of overhead RF and Fiber Service

  • Ability to perform construction work, such as digging holes and climbing telephone poles, pulling and stringing cables from pole to pole, as well as laying cable and conduit

  • Understanding of equipment and inventory

  • Ability to troubleshoot RF and Fiber line issues

  • Reads and interprets work orders to determine work to be done, as well as completing paperwork for jobs that are finished

  • Follow safety rules and practices, complying with OSHA standards

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Shane Tapia

Tower Technician

Job Type

Full Time




$20-$32 / Hour

Training/Certification Provided


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  • Values safety over and above all other considerations

  • Climb various heights on multiple types of structures

  • Perform installation of antennas, mounts, cable ladders, cable, etc.

  • Assist in testing of sites

  • Participate in new tower construction

  • Perform routine and special circumstance tower maintenance

  • Assist in trouble shooting a variety of electronic components from cell/microwave sites to lighting 

Tower Technician

Position: Civil Technician

  • Perform physical labor; operate other powered and hand-operated tools in support of work activities, including tampers, compressors, generators, saws, pumps, shovels, hammers, wrenches, etc.

  • Operate heavy equipment 

  • Assist in loading and unloading equipment onto trailers

  • Inspect, maintain, and clean equipment before, during, and after operation in accordance with the operator’s manual and other inspection and preventive maintenance requirements.

  • Establish and maintain communications and a strong safety culture with others in your work area

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Craig Lingafelter

Field Construction Manager

Field Constructon Manager

Kevin Graham

Master Electrician


Position Overview:
Apprentice Electrician

  • Meter to shelter

  • Inside shelter

  • AC/DC power is an asset

  • Generator/Transfer switches

  • Ability to climb towers is preferred

  • Self-Motivated and able to learn efficiently

  • Team oriented

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Apprentice Electrician

Andres Montoya

Lead Fabricator

  • Weld or bolt sections together

  • Set up and operate heavy-duty metal-working machines

  • Lay out reference points and patterns

  • Construct patterns and templates

  • Assemble and fit plates and sections to form structures

  • Study engineering drawings and blueprints, determine the materials required, and plan the sequence of tasks to cut metal most efficiently

  • Rig, hoist and move materials to storage areas or within worksite

  • Install fabricated components in final product

Position Overview:


Job Type

Full Time




$23-30 / Hour

Training/Certification Provided


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Benefits & More Opportunites


  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

  • HSA Account

  • Life Insurance

  • 401k (4% match)

  • 7 Paid Holidays

  • Travel Per Diem

  • Personal/Vacation and Sick Days

  • Paid Career Advancement Certification/Education

  • $100 in Mountain Wireless Industry Gear

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