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Two men on top of amphitheatre in reflective vests looking at wireless hardware- Mountain Wireless an Ontivity Company



Men in reflective vest outside of sporting arena reviewing plans- Mountain Wireless an Ontivity Company


Three men on top of stage working on wireless network in reflective vests- Mountain Wireless an Ontivity Company

The focus of any venue is letting people get the most out of the experience, securely. The network is the backbone of that process - from authenticating tickets as they enter to ensuring the drink purchased from their seats are paid for and get into their hand. Add into that phone calls, texts, purchases throughout the venue, social media, photos, videos and the vastness of the network starts to come into focus. Dropped calls, inaccessible media, and transaction failures create a distracted, compromised visitor experience.


Venues have to be able to support all of these needs at the same time or their bottom line is effected. We've done our job when ticket holders are unaware of the network even as their experience is reliant on it. Toward that end, aesthetics are taken to heart. Necessary equipment blends into the environment, is incorporated into existing structures, matches down to exact color and incorporated patterns. When you put it all together there are thousands of network factors carefully placed and all working together in concert to make sure the main event is the main event. 

Coors Field Case Study
Image by Larry Jack

Case Study:

Coors Stadium

Red Bleachers in sporting arena- Mountain Wireless an Ontivity Company



What is the top factor in sports and entertainment projects that make them different for your team?

Timing. Staging the lights and sounds of any sports or entertainment venue stops or starts the event. Having a sense of "when" is an key can be as important as "how" for these system installations. 


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Men working on wireless network in hard hats and relflective vests- Mountain Wireless an Ontivity Company

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