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In-House Warehouse Positions


In-House Warehouse Positions vary from processing and loading orders to fabricating items needed in the field. They are an integral reason that field teams drive out each morning equipped for site success.

Get to know the roles, meet & connect with the In-House Warehouse Positions on our team - and see if this is where you find yourself at Mountain Wireless.


What is an

In-House Warehouse Position?


Warehouse Positions

In-House Warehouse Positions are the members of our team that organize and process every piece of equipment used in the field - ensuring every item gets to the correct project site. Within the incredible complexities of our system and process, they create essential order and flow.

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager

Job Type

Full Time


$28-$36 / Hour




Certification Provided


Position Overview

  • Maintains a personnel structure and staffing level to accomplish the warehouse and receiving mission in an effective and efficient manner

  • Interviews and recommends applicants for hire as warehouse and receiving associates 

  • Plans and coordinates work, trains and motivates, monitors and evaluates performance of warehouse and receiving associates; ensures their ability to safely operate material handling equipment to move materials to and from storage configurations; counsels, records and disciplines as necessary  

  • Maintains an equipment structure and level to accomplish the warehouse and receiving mission in a safe, effective manner

  • Provides appropriate equipment and racking to ensure the safe transport and storage of all materials

  • Researches material handling equipment to ensure procurement recommendations of the most suitable equipment in terms of performance, safety, reliability and cost 

  •  Monitors the unloading of all materials into the receiving department; ensures materials are staged for counting and inspection; ensures receiving reports accurately report material received

Warehouse Technician

Warehouse Technician

Job Type

Full Time




$20-$28 / Hour

Training/Certification Provided


Position Overview

  • The Assistant Project Manager supports the Project Manager by providing direction, coordinate or budgets activities concerned with the Mountain Wireless projects

  • Participates in the conceptual development of a construction project and oversee its organization, scheduling and implementation.

  • Monitor project through administrative direction of on-site foremen to ensure project is completed on schedule and within budget

  • Assist with investigations potentially serious situations and implement corrective measures

  • Represent company in project meetings and attend strategy meetings

  • Maintain good relationship with the customer

  • May requisition supplies, materials and sub-contractors to complete project

  • Interpret and explain plans and contract terms to administrative staff, workers, etc.



  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

  • HSA Account

  • Life Insurance

  • 401k (4% match)

  • 7 Paid Holidays

  • Travel Per Diem

  • Personal/Vacation and Sick Days

  • Paid Career Advancement Certification/Education

  • $100 in Mountain Wireless Industry Gear

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