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Mountain Wireless's job within the military sphere is to make sure that the Armed Force's goal of "Mission First" is supported by our efforts. Being able to connect with their loved ones when they have the opportunity is a baseline necessity for the wellbeing of our military personnel. The armed forces recognize the whole person and the connection they have with their families - understanding that mission capabilities are affected by that connection. That communication has to operate within the unparalleled security framework established by the United States Military.


Military bases maintain mission readiness, and by creating a supporting network on base these almost-cities are brought up to speed with the overall connection in the outside world. Working within a secure facility like an military base holds appropriate challenges for a far greater gain. Supporting communication with a robust wireless system means eliminating the possibility of security breaches, and providing a partnership to support their mission. 

Aerial view of downtown building with bronze domb and American flag on top billowing - Image by Colin Lloyd
Buckley Case Study

Case Study:

Buckley Air Force Base

US Air Force plane
Image by Jakob Owens



What is the top factor in military projects that make them different for your team?

Security. Security is the top priority for every Client and every project, but national security is the literal business of the Armed Forces. Awareness of every aspect of security is critical for every team member working on these projects.


Our Team is the foundation for every step of excellence we achieve.


Learn more about our opportunities and talk directly with our Team members to see what Mountain Wireless is all about.

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