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Commerce business can break down into sales and logistics. In logistics, supply chain management shows its fragility in how the information drives responses. To create high trust systems for customers, offices, warehouses, and retail there has to be a private network that is both secure and acts with immediacy. Every logistical step represents unrecoverable seconds effecting bottom line sales. If a retail employee finds out they're out of stock in certain shirts they need a way to seamlessly get that information into their system and create solutions. If not, the time loss effects their bottom line through inventory gaps, restocking, brand competitiveness, and beyond. A good, thriving business has to have liquidity and security in the relaying of information from request to payment. This is where wireless networks enter in.

There isn't one cell in commercial networks, there are many times hundreds of cell sites working together. A cell site can only support so many people, and larger spaces with more people require more sites. The more sites you add, the more challenging it becomes as these sites compete for the limited bandwidth in a given spectrum. This complexity has to be appreciated from the start and meticulously choreographed. Experience and careful organization is what creates uniform performance on the site and visitor end.

View of high rise corporate buildings in downtown Denver - Image by Acton Crawford
McGregor Square Case Study
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What is the top factor in commercial projects that make them different for your team?

Precision. In commercial the concept of overlap is critical: the concentrated wireless of teams in the office requires an entirely different setup that the framework for a the retail store of restaurant on a different floor.


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Men working on wireless network in reflective vests- Mountain Wireless an Ontivity Company

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