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Since 1997, our team has changed the way that wireless connection advances in Colorado.

We've accomplished this by positioning ourselves at the forefront of technological advancements in the wireless industry and staying in our specific lane: what's next rather than what is now.


We change the landscape with our expertise in:

  • In-Building and Venue Wireless Networks

  • Technology Evolution and Expansion

  • Small Cell and Macro Deployments

  • Professional Services

man in hard hat and clear protective glasses in wireless server building - Mountain Wireless Construction an Ontivity Company
Man in plaud shirt tightening strap for gear on top of a vehicle roof - Mountain Wireless Construction an Ontivity Company


At Mountain Wireless, we have a 360º concept to evolution approach with our Client. We strategize, design and implement a unique roadmap for each Client to advance their networks. Most importantly, in having Mountain Wireless as a partner, our Client's have a partner with the visionary expertise to plan and execute in a continually evolving technological environment.


Every Client has a unique space to work within and specific objectives they hope to achieve through our partnership. Our team is able to analyze the existing RF environment and performance, and transform it into a comprehensive coverage solution through our design.

Welder in jean jacket under protective helmet welding- Mountain Wireless Construction an Ontivity Company
Two men in reflective vest on a lift fitting pipe for wireless network cables- Mountain Wireless Construction an Ontivity Company


A wireless system that is designed holds exactly zero value without the successful installation and company wide implementation of the optimized network. Our team moves from detailed architectural Construction Drawings [CDs] to the intentional configuration of Tower Building, Inside and Outside Plant Fiber [ISP/OSP], Base Station Equipment [BTS], Small Cell Deployment, Distributed Antennae Systems [DAS] In-Building venues, o-DAS systems, AC/DC electrical systems and more, to prepare our Clients for Integration and Network Optimization. 


The Mountain Wireless process of integration seamlessly connects the brand-new network with the old, in a check and forward process to ensure clear and comprehensive coverage. Optimization is the process of collecting and analyzing performance data to inform nuanced modifications that will be made to ensure the highest caliber of network coverage on an ongoing basis.

Telecommunication tower with 5G cellular network antenna on city background- Mountain Wireless Construction an Ontivity Company
Man in red shirt and climbing gear working on a wireless tower- Mountain Wireless Construction an Ontivity Company

Mountain Wireless
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We have had the opportunity to work with some of the most advanced, forward thinking, and innovative companies in the nation. No two are alike, and partnering with them to create custom solutions to deploy and maintain their networks, has created incredible, decades-long relationships.

Two men in helmets and vest looking over plans next to a work truck- Mountain Wireless Construction an Ontivity Company


The priority and guiding force within our company is our team. Period.

At its most basic level, a team is a group of people moving forward with unwavering support of one another and a relentless drive for excellence.


Achieving a team of that caliber and reality is only possible by selecting the most ambitious, hard working, collaborative, passionate, people-driven individuals.


We hire good people. People who consistently make the safe and ethical choice for everyone involved, knowing that their lives depend on having each other's backs. The people we hire have to know that they will be as equally supported by the person next to the them at the site, as the project manager in house, all the way to the President of the company.


It's through the trust established within our team that we are able to provide our Customers with the gold standard of service and excellence in every project we are a part of.


At Mountain Wireless Construction, our team is our foundation and top priority.


We provide our workforce with every tool necessary to achieve success both personally and professionally. 

We are looking for good human beings, motivated to grow and work hard personally and professionally within our incredible team.


Denver, CO

General Laborers are a huge part of what creates efficiency and effectiveness on every job site. They are responsible for conducting various tasks to support the team in warehouses and construction.They assist other crew members by delivering, distributing, and applying the materials and equipment necessary to complete projects on successfully and on time.

Two men working with protective clear glasses in a warehouse- Mountain Wireless Construction an Ontivity Company
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